Top 5 Tooth-Harming Drinks

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We are aware to watch the foods we eat, but it is easy to forget about the beverages we are consuming. Counterintuitively, some liquids can actually dry out your mouth. Other beverages are acidic enough that they actually begin to wear away your tooth enamel. Here are a few to avoid as you try to take care of your smile.

– Soda: Sodas are often high in sugar. Even diet sodas, however, are highly acidic. Acid can strip minerals from your enamel and promote tooth decay. If there is sugar in your soda, the bacteria in your mouth will feed on that sugar and convert it to acids, which further erode your teeth.

– Sports Drinks: Sports drinks may market themselves as healthy, but they are often packed with sugar and acid. If you are heading to the gym, try bringing plain water.

– Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are some of the most acidic beverages available. They might keep you awake, but constant consumption can certainly do a number on your teeth. Get some shut-eye instead; your mouth and health will thank you.

– Alcohol: Alcoholic drinks are often acidic, and alcohol itself dries out your mouth. Since saliva washes away food particles and plaque, the lack of saliva can drastically increase bacterial growth, leading to cavities and gum disease. Additionally, some dark alcoholic drinks, such as red wine, can stain your teeth.

– Coffee: Similar to alcohol, coffee dehydrates your mouth and stains your teeth. The sugars that are often added to coffee are converted into acids in the mouth, destroying tooth enamel.

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