Our Top Five Best Tips for Relaxation at the Dentist

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To ensure you feel more relaxed at our dental practice, we have complied our top five tips, so the next time you visit us, you can look forward to a more positive experience.

– The most important step and one that should be done before your appointment, is to talk with the dentist and team about your fears or feelings of discomfort. Because dental technology has advanced, we can help you with amenities and tools we provide to your patients at Bellaire Dental Excellence.
– Knowing what will be happening with Dr. Kevin M. Altieri and the dental team will help you be more aware. Education and knowledge is power, so contact us at 817.294.5513.
– Get acquainted with your dental team by coming by for a visit before your appointment. You can see the office and treatment rooms, meet our dental team, and get familiar with the surroundings. This is also a great time to let the dentist know about any dental phobia you may have, or other special concerns.
– If all else fails, you may want to ask us about sedation, to help you relax and take the pressure and stress off you. Contact us, so we know how best to address your discomfort.
– Keep your dentist informed at your visit. If you are still uncertain about procedures and treatments, we can assuage your fears. Helping the dental team understand your concerns will help them design a good relaxation plan. We aim to give our patients the very best dental care, with tips for relaxation at the dentist in Fort Worth, Texas, so call us!

Following these tips will give you a good start; however, consulting with our dental team at Bellaire Dental Excellence, before your appointment, is the best strategy. When we are aware of your needs, this will allow our team to help you feel relaxed, at ease, and comfortable with us.