Lifestyle Tips to Improve a TMJ Disorder

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Lifestyle Tips to Improve TMJ Disorder

Common TMJ disorder symptoms can range from a dull ache in your jaw muscles to pain when biting down and stiffness in the temporomandibular joints. These symptoms can negatively impact your living in significant ways.

If you struggle with TMJ disorder symptoms or experience functional issues in the jaw, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr, Kevin M. Altieri. Our dentist can help you identify the cause of your TMJ disorder and recommend lifestyle changes to help you manage the symptoms.

Relieving your TMJ disorder symptoms may be as simple as eating softer foods or treating the TMJs with ice packs and basic jaw exercises. Our dentist may also recommend anti-inflammatory medications if it seems warranted for your comfort.

If chronic tooth grinding is contributing to temporomandibular issues, our dentist can provide a custom-made dental guard to wear in your mouth while you sleep.

If none of these treatments indicate improvement in your symptoms, advanced treatment strategies may be needed, such as prescription muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory medication.

If you struggle with TMJ disorder symptoms and would like to seek treatment for TMJ disorder in Fort Worth, Texas, we encourage you to call 817.294.5513 and schedule a consultation with our dentist right away.