Great Smiles Begin With CEREC®

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Is your mouth in need of a tooth restoration? With CEREC® dental crowns, you can fully restore teeth above the gum line by covering and concealing them with a CEREC crown. The best smiles begin with CEREC. Here are some facts about CEREC®:

– CEREC dental crowns can be shaped, colored, and crafted to suit your smile’s needs.
– CEREC dental crowns are designed for durability and aesthetics, and will seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth while lasting a decade or longer with normal wear and tear.
– CEREC technology is also popular in other dental services as well, such as dental fillings. The most common material in CEREC services is porcelain which is stain resistant, durable, and tooth-colored, making it an excellent service for dental fillings.
– CEREC dental crowns eliminate the need for uncomfortable temporary crowns because they can be designed and milled directly at the dentist’s office in as little as one office visit. Traditional crowns often take weeks to arrive.

If you would like to set up a CEREC appointment with Dr. Kevin M. Altieri at our office in Fort Worth, Texas, please call us at 817.294.5513. Our team at Bellaire Dental Excellence looks forward to keeping your oral health in the best possible condition.