Enhance Your Smile Cosmetically with Dental Veneers

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Is your smile at its peak potential? Can you truly say that your oral hygiene is only outdone by the shine and beauty of your teeth? For many, this is simply not the case, as environmental and genetic factors play too big of a role to overcome with daily brushing and flossing habits alone. To help you further, enhance your smile cosmetically with dental veneers. Here are some guidelines to remember about veneers:

TRUE or FALSE: Dental veneers can repair any broken tooth.
– This is false. Dental veneers cannot be used if there is too little enamel left on a tooth, or if the tooth is too weakened to support the veneers. In these cases, a tooth restoration service such as dental crowns would work better.

What are some of the advantages dental veneers can provide?
– Dental veneers vastly improve the aesthetics of your smile, enhance your self-image, and provide you with a natural looking surface to your teeth that is much harder to stain than normal teeth are.

What is the lifespan for dental veneers?
– The normal lifespan of veneers is roughly ten years, but with proper care and maintenance, they can last up to fifteen years.

TRUE or FALSE: Dental veneers are not tooth alternatives.
– This is true. Dental veneers are thin, extremely durable shells that are bonded to the fronts of your preexisting teeth for an aesthetically pleasing look that can mask discolorations, minor curvatures, stains, cracks, and other various flaws in your teeth.

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